Washing and Care

We wanted to pass along important washing and care information.  We are not responsible for damage to your clothes due to improper washing of our dyed products.

All items are created with 100 percent cotton products.  We use highest quality Dharma Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes.  All dyed items sit for 24 hours to cure and are washed out with hot water.  They are immediately machine washed twice in hot water.  The first wash is with Synthrapol Detergent, and the second wash with Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin with Skin Sensitive Fresh Scent Detergent (Synthrapol has a chemical smell, but it really removes dyes).

Wash items you purchase from us with care!  Items should be washed only in cold water, preferably with reds or dark colors.  If you wash these in warm or hot water, additional dye may come out of the products and they will stain other clothes in the wash.  Be sure to only wash in cold water.  This will also help to give even more longevity to the dyes in your clothing.

Washed and Folded Shirts