That Tie Dye is WILD!

Welcome to our tie dye graphics site. Tina and Greg’s interest in tie dye came from geocaching and attending the long running GeoWoodstock Geocaching Event each year. We participated in a tie dye class by paintfiction as part of the event a couple of times. We were late the last time, so most colors were gone. Our shirts did not look that great. We tried to add color, but the results were weak due to sub-standard dyes.

Wrong dyes, and lack of experience.
During the Summer of 2017 we experimented and got much better.

We now dye with Dharma fiber reactive dyes and warm soda ash fixative mixture combined with the hardest part… waiting 24 hours to wash out and see the results. We do this on the side in our spare time for now. We love doing it since we get to keep some of the awesome results and give some great surprise gifts to our family and friends. We are also making some available for sale on this site.  We are rookies, but we are having a good time.

Some designs can be somewhat replicated, such as forest/water scenes or sunbursts, etc.  Spin designs give some amazing final results.  We are working on some fun patterns.  If you see something in our Gallery that you like, contact us to see if we can make it for you.  We will also discuss working on some of your favorite shirts you have by sending them to us with requested patterns for a smaller fee since you provide the products.  Use our contact page to send us questions.

Please note that each shirt on the site is a unique item, and what you see in the picture is what you will get!